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2022-04-06 13:05:56

Debraj Roy College,established in1949 has been offering higher education in humanities and science among the students of Golaghat and nearby places. It promotes innovative and executable ideas from various fields including agriculture,industry, handloom, sericulture etc. It helps students, research scholars, faculty members, and young minds of Golaghat to execute the ideas into products, processes or services for the benefits of society as well as industry.Entrepreneurship forms  the backbone of the nation’s economy and in order to strengthenentrepreneurship ecosystem, Debraj Roy College is working on igniting the ideology of starting ownventures amongst Golaghat’s youth.The youth of today needs to be more inclined towards creating jobs rather than getting one. Therefore, toassist the youth to become self-employed and create employment opportunities, the college has come forward to provide support in every possible manner. Therefore, for this purpose a full-Incubation Cell has been setup in Debraj Roy college on 27th August 2020 by signing an MoU betweenDebraj Roy College and Assam Startup- The Nest, through IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCP) which will work as a catalyst for entrepreneurship development for the aspiring youth of Golaghat and the nearby places.

Giving opportunity to prospective students to bring out innovative ideas through competitions and brainstorming. Exploring innovative and creative thoughts, ideas, or concepts from students, research scholars, faculty members from various domains of society as well as industry.

To develop and provide a platform for the creative aspirants, where their innovative ideas and concepts will be incubated and realized.

To incubate, culture, and refine the ideas or concepts with a support from technical as well as creative experts of the concerned fields.

Creating awareness among students and other sections of society regarding various aspects of entrepreneurship like new business prospects, government schemes for entrepreneurs, essentials for framing business plan and developing start-up etc.

Nurturing the idea and giving it a shape of a sustainable venture i.e. assisting from the stage of project identification to project implementation.
Providing mentoring in all areas like operations, technical, finance, marketing, economics etc.

Acting as a support system by helping in providing all sorts of assistance like infrastructure (space), legal advice, technical expertise, market linkage, networking etc.


We believe that entrepreneurship can unlock India's latent inventive potential. It will not only push India to

 the forefront of the world but also help raise the quality of life in the country.

With this belief The Incubation  Cell of Debraj Roy College targets to help in the development of India's

entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between its major components

spanning students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors,

 venture capital firms and corporate through initiatives like interactive sessions, competitions, conferences



Aim & Objective

The Incubation  Cell is a non-profit organization run by the  faculty and students of Debraj Roy College

that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the students.

The cell is keen to host various workshops, speaker session, innovative games, and competitions for

 aspiring entrepreneurs and support them by providing necessary resources such as funding, mentoring,

consultancy and networking.

Activities & Events Section

An MOU is signed by our College with Assam Start-up-The Nest through IIM Culcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) on last part of the year 2020 and as a result an Incubation Centre has been established in our college.

During the last year following activities were taken:

  1. Formation of the Committee.
  2. Participated online Entrepreneurship Development Programme for faculties as well as early-stage Startups during Feb-March, 2021.
  3. Participated Incubation Management Training Programme in July, 2021.
  4. Initially we are trying to aware our students as well as young generation of nearby regions about the idea of Incubation Centre and how it may help to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Hosted of IDEATHON Season 2.0 series pitching session at D. R. College Incubation Centre on 27th January, 2022. The program was jointly organized by Assam Startup, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to bring the second season of IDEATHON – Empowering Ideas, Fuelling Innovation.

A great success in the very first step of D. R. College Incubation Centre. The first three winners in the above list of all Assam IDEATHON Season 2.0 series pitching sessions were PARTICIPANTS FROM D. R. College Incubation Centre. And the second best winner, Mr.Parag Moni Saikia is pursuing B. A. in our college.



Contact : Dr.Begum Umme Jamil

 (Joint Coordinator DRC Incubation Centre)

( Assistant Professor Department of Physics)

Phone number : 9435478158

Email :




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