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Hostel Facilities

2019-02-10 18:51:36

The college has one Boys' Hostel for 30 boarders & one Girls' Hostel for 160 boarders in the college campus. Hostel accommodations are provided to the candidates strictly on the basis of the merit of qualifying candidates. A few seats are also reserved for SC(ST students. The students seeking accommodation in the college hostel have to apply to the hostel superintendent in the prescribed forms obtained from college office.


Hostel Rules & Regulation :

I. Every boarder of the hostel shall have to observe the timings of breakfast, meals, tiffin, study hours and evening roll calls circulated by the superintendent of the hostel,

2. During study hours no boarder shall remain outside his/her room loitering in the corridor, Verandah or watch T.V.

3. Drinking of alcohol or use of drugs shall be considered as a major offence and shall he dealt with severely.

4. Leave of absence from the hostel must be obtained in advance from the superintendent. If a boarder remains absent from the hostel without permission from the superintendent, it will be considered a major offence

5. No outsider should be allowed during the study hours or college hours and no guest should be entertained without prior permission from the superintendent.

6. No boarder shall quit the hostel without the written permission which may be granted only on payment of the outstanding career against him.

7. A boarder applying for transfer from the college must produce a certificate from the superintendent satisfyieg his ?' her good conduct and the payment of all outstanding dues, A boarder asking for a college- certificate must have recommendation of the superintendent of the hostel for his her good conduct, otherwise, no certificate will be issued to him / her.

8. College hostel shall remain closed during the summer Vacation and Puja vacation and no boarder shall be allowed to reside in the hostel in any private capacity without permission from the principal,

9. The mess dues must be paid by the boarders within 15 days of each month or within such a date as may be notified by the hostel superintendent.

10. The superintendent will maintain a conduct register. The boarders are liable to be punished and their names will be reported by the superintendent to the principal for appropriate action.

11. No electric bulb will be provided by the college For the boarders. Only CFL or tube light is allowed to be used.

12. Fuel to run generator will be shared by boarders.

13. Using Mobile phone during study hours is strictly prohibited, The hostel authority has right to confiscate mobile phone, if found being used during study hours.

14. Boarders has to become a member of MESS COMMITTEE for at least a month which is formed periodically on the 1st day of the month to run hostel mess.

15. Boarder is allowed to go upto College Tini-Ali on Wednesday and to town on Sunday For personal work.

16. A boarder has to pay entire Seat Rent for the session, if he/she wishes to vacate hostel in the middle of a session.

17. Boarders are not allowed to keep valuable personal properties in hostel room. Authority will not be responsible for loss or damage of any such belongings.

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