Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

About The Department

Debraj Roy College is a premier educational institution of the district of Golaghat. It has its own glorious history of sixty years. The history of our department is only of eighteen years. The department was initiated during the year 1992. Since its inception the department is developing day by day. The departments is a full-fledged department rendering TDC course both in Major and Pass course with three permanent Assistant professors and two other seasonal lecturers. All the faculty members try their level best to upgrade the academic profile of the department. Also, the faculty members have been increasing their research experiences in their own field of interest. The shortage of full time teachers in the department has been affecting the department adversely in the efficiency of the academic activity of the department.

Learning Resources

The department has full fledged departmental library and computer along with computer laboratory for practical as well as theory classes.Apart from these, some tutorial classes, field works, home assignments, seminars and also some project works are arranged for the students regularly. Visiting lectures are also arranged yearly for the benefit of the students.Resourse persons from nearby universities are invited day long deliberation.

Future Plan of Action

Despite various constrains, the department has plans to introduce some short-term courses on software training for the students and another training programme on field survey for the students of the department.Also the department has planned to initiate more minor and major Research Projects with the help of DST and UGC.

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