Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Bachelor of Arts (English Honours)

2022-01-05 23:23:47

The department currently offers English (Honours) courses of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programme under Dibrugarh University. Click here for syllabi.

Add on Certificate Course in Creative Writing in English

2022-12-24 19:56:41

The department will offer an add-on certificate course in Creative Writing in English from January/February 2023. Open to the existing students of Debraj Roy College, Golaghat, this add-on course is aimed at providing the learners with the necessary theoretical and methodological orientation of creative writing in English. The units in the course are prepared in such a way that after completing the course the learner will be able to utilize creative writing as a useful professional skill.

Click here for the detailed syllabus of the course.

Click here for the course approval letter issued by Dibrugarh University.

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